[ANDROID] Ulysse Speedometer Pro v1.9.85 .apk – ITA

Il più avanzato e completo tachimetro per Android !!


The most advanced and intuitive Speedometer and Car Dashboard application that helps you drive safely.Features:
• Speed Edge GPS Speedometer.
• Maximum indicated speed is 1900 km/h / 1160 mph / 1000 knots.
• Multiple Profiles.
• Speedometer overlay.
• Switchboard.
• Fast app.
• Three shortcut pages: Application, Communication, Navigation for total 36 user-defined application shortcuts.
• Average Speedometer.
• Speed warnings.
• GPS Compass.
• GPS Altitude.
• HUD mode.
• Address finder.
• Average speed calculation.
• Racing meter.
• Predefined and custom Trip Meters.
• Tree Custom Meters.
• Separate limits settings for km/h and mph units.
• Customizable UI color.
• Car dock support.
• Car Mode Home.
• Battery status indication.
• Background mode.
• Display speed in Status bar.

30 ottobre 2019
Versione corrente
È necessario Android
Varia in base al dispositivo

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