Kamasutra – Sex Positions


“The Kama Sutra” has long enjoyed a reputation as the finest piece of illustrated erotic literature ever written. In this transformation of the 2 000-year-old masterpiece Anne Hooper sex therapist and bestselling author brings the teachings of this ancient book of sexual wisdom to a new generation of lovers. A re-interpretation of the classics Anne Hooper’s “Kama Sutra” brings together the best of “The Kama Sutra”, “The Ananga Ranga”, “The Perfumed Garden”, and “The Tao” to create a new classic. The authors of these works offered creative solutions to sexual problems enhancing sensuality through innovative techniques. Their ancient teachings remain as dynamic as ever – as Anne Hooper reveals when she draws aside the curtain of myth and mystery that surrounds these erotic volumes. Sensual photography voluptuously illustrated with photographs of contemporary couples Anne Hooper’s “Kama Sutra” presents all the arts of seduction and will inspire every reader to introduce more variety and excitement into sex. Here in this unrivaled erotic masterpiece you will find the key to lasting sexual fulfillment.

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